Game 5

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    Tyler's second game of the day, played immediately after the conclusion of the first game, gave the boys another good chance at notching their second win of the season. Alas, it was not destined to be once again. Their opponent, Mat-Tek, had beat us 34-26 during the last session, but were only 2-2 coming into today's matchup. Unfortunately the result was nearly identical, a loss with only the 37-26 final score being different. Tyler played a little better in the second game of today's double header than he did in the first, doing a better job boxing out on rebounds and playing defense. He even had a nice little drive to the hoop once, but took a shot to the head on a foul that wasn't called and didn't make the shot. As before, there is progress being made with this team, but just not enough all at once to secure a victory.

Game 5 - at Mat-Tek

Tyler guarding his zone while playing defense to start the game.

Tyler attempting to get open for a pass.

Tyler lined up next to his number-mate during a free throw attempt.

Tyler boxing out the opposition.
The final score, a 37-26 loss.


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