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    Today's second game, after playing in an extremely close and hard fought game in the first matchup of the day, is a prime example of what happens when professionals are pitted against amateurs. This isn't meant as a knock on either team or the players or coaches from either team, but when one team whose core members have been playing together for five years or more plays against a team who was hastily thrown together a few months ago, well I suppose the result is pretty much to be expected. Nobody on our team had a particularly good game, nor did they seem to have the necessary energy remaining to put up much of a fight against in this game. Tyler didn't have a standout game, although he didn't make any glaring mistakes either. The best thing to do is for them to put this game behind them and get ready for the next one...

Game 7 - at Clarkston Grizzlies

Tyler open for a shot, but waiting for a pass.

Tyler getting position against one of the tallest kids the team has played against all season long.

Tyler driving towards the hoop.

Tyler getting ready to jump for a rebound.

Tyler closely guarding his man.


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