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    Tara & I learned a valuable lesson today... we should have been going to the opposite games all season long when both Tyler and Samantha had games at the same time. Sam played her final Upward game of the year and scored 4 points with me in attendance. Tyler, on his final day of the Cage session (barring playoffs), scored a season high 8 points in a 27-14 victory! This was by far Tyler's best game, and I missed it! Tara got to see all of the action and she was very excited with Tyler's performance. He made some clutch free throws in addition to scoring some baskets. I can't really comment on the actual game action, but it must have been good - it was a win, their second of the season.

Game 8 - at Howell - Redwing

Tyler covering his zone on defense.

Tyler running up the court.

Tyler, with the ball, attempting to get a shot off.

Tyler receiving the ball before...

...shooting one of his free throws.

Another shot of Tyler shooting a free throw.

The final score, securing their second win of the season, a 27-14 victory for the ACC team.


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