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    Tyler played his third game of the day (one at the Cage at 1:30pm and one Upward game at 3:00) at 5:00 today. He continued his strong play during this game as well, making 4 of 8 free throws, although he didn't score any baskets during this game. He has gotten much more aggressive in his offensive play, which Tara & I largely contribute to the work that his Uncle Dwayne has done with him. Unfortunately his hard work didn't result in a victory for the Advanced Care Chiropractic team, as they lost the game 55-40. The team fell behind in the first half, but basically played the opposition evenly in the second half. I am sure that fatigue and the layoff between games for most of the team played a small role in the slow start. Only one more game to go today too!

Game 9 - vs. Genesee Grizzlies

Tyler getting into his defensive position.

Tyler landing after taking a shot.

Tyler shooting a free throw.

Tyler shooting his second free throw.

Tyler shooting another free throw, in the second half.

Tyler shooting another free throw.

Tyler running up the court, ready for a pass.

Tyler shooting more free throws.

Tyler getting into position after making an inbounds pass.

Tyler was chosen to shoot two technical-foul free throws when the other team temporarily had six players on the floor...

...and he confidently swished both.

Unfortunately Tyler's strong effort didn't result in a victory, as the team lost 55-40.


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