Playoff Game 2

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    The reward for a hard fought playoff victory? A matchup against the first place team (out of 12) in the boy's age bracket. After an hour break between games Tyler and his teammates were back on the court for game two of the day, this time playing the Flint's Finest team that went 10-0 during the session. I don't know if any of the boys will admit it, but I think they were a little bit intimidated in this matchup. That, and a little bit tired from the first game. Since they had success with the three point shot in the first game they seemed to fall in love with it, firing up many more in this game too. Unfortunately they were unable to replicate their success, clanging shot after shot off the iron or missing the rim altogether. Tyler had a decent game, making one basket and hitting one of two free throws as well.  He had a tough time rebounding today, as the players he was tasked with boxing out tended to be much bigger and taller than him, able to reach over his back without fouling. The whole team struggled for a majority of the game, and it showed by the 40-13 final score. Fortunately this wasn't their worst loss of the season, so it can be a small victory that they managed to keep the game as close as they did against such a tough team.

Playoff Game 2 - at Flint's Finest

Tyler inbounding the ball.

Tyler getting off a shot.

Tyler guarding his man as a pass is made.

Tyler had to attempt to box out much bigger players when lined up during a free throw attempt.

Tyler in position on offense, waiting for the action to get underway.

Tyler shooting a free throw. He went one for one today.

Tyler snagging a rebound.

Tyler attempting to make a steal (sorry about the blurry photo).

Tyler grabbing a rebound.

The final score, a 40-13 loss against the first place team.


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