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    While the Advanced Care Chiropractic team didn't win their first game of the year today, they did give a better effort. It helps that they have gotten their first game under their belt, as well as a couple of extra practices. The boys kept the game close in the first half, going into halftime down just a point. Unfortunately they couldn't really keep up the momentum in the second half, as they wound up with their second loss of the season, this time by a 40-28 score. Tyler played well in his extremely limited time, managing to fire three shots at the rim and making one.

at Lake Fenton

Tyler getting ready to check into the game for the first time.

Tyler and his teammates huddled up during a time-out.

Tyler guarding a player trying to make a move to the basket.

Tyler getting off a shot from the corner.

Tyler and his teammates ready to play some defense.

Tyler looking to the bench for direction during an opponents free throw attempt.

The final score - a 40-28 loss. Not great, but getting better...


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