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    Today's game for Tyler and his teammates still didn't end up in victory against the Linden Eagles, but signs of improvement are there.  There wasn't nearly as many turnovers, they kept the game close throughout, and the margin of defeat continues to narrow. Once again, considering that these boys have only had five practices together and played in three games since the majority of them finished their football season, I think they are doing quite well. Hopefully, as the season progresses, we will continue to see them make strides. At this point it isn't about wins and losses (although we'd all like a few victories!), it is about getting better game by game. Speaking of getting better, Tyler wound up buried on the bench for most of the first half of today's game, but saw a significant increase in his playing time, closing out the game in the second half (and no, it wasn't "garbage time" yet). Although he didn't make any baskets from the field today, he did manage to get fouled during one of his attempts, which resulted in a couple of free throw attempts. Unfortunately for him, I don't recall if he made either of them or not! I know, I am a bad father... but that is what happens when it takes so long to get around to updating the website! Either way, I am proud of him for sticking with it and giving it his all. Great job, Tyler!

vs. Linden Eagles

Tyler getting ready to play defense along with his teammates.

Tyler passing the ball in bounds.

Tyler spent most of this game sitting on the bench.

Tyler running down the court in the second half.

Tyler shooting a free-throw.

Tyler ready to box out during an opponents free-throw attempt.

The final score - a 31-23 loss. Getting closer...


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