Game 4

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    After three tough losses for the Advanced Care Chiropractic team, they finally managed to get a strong start to a game and were able to hang on for a closely fought victory - their first of the season! Tyler got lots of playing time today, and is being much more aggressive on offense and is really working hard on defense. Although his aggressiveness hasn't paid off with a lot of points yet, it is only a matter of time before the confidence in his shot pays off for him. No matter what happens, Tara & I are proud of the hard work that Tyler is putting in...

vs. Dragons 7

Tyler getting ready to check into the game.

Tyler lost the ball as he dribbled into this crowd.

Tyler making a move to the basket.

Tyler got fouled on this shot attempt.

Tyler hustling on defense to try to steal the ball.

The ACC team finally broke through for their first victory of the season, a 24-20 win! Way to stick with it, boys!


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