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    Tyler and his teammates weren't able to put a winning streak together after securing their first victory of the season a day earlier, losing for the fourth time this season. Like last game, Tyler was very aggressive offensively and defensively. His defensive presence was felt when his coach put him up against the other teams best player man-to-man while the rest of his team played a zone defense. Tyler was unable to score again today, but he is getting closer all the time. There isn't really much to say about the game today, as it never really was close. Maybe yesterday's victory went to their head just a bit...

vs. Michigan Thunder

Tyler and his teammates getting some pregame instruction from their coaches.

Tyler got his first start of the season today. Here is during the opening tip-off.

Tyler did a good job playing pressure defense today.

Tyler attempting a free throw after being fouled on a shot.

The final score - a 41-19 loss. Today's game was a step back against a tough opponent.


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