Game 7

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    I don't have much to add regarding the second game of the day, as once again I was "volunteered" into duty as clock operator. Tyler played with hustle and heart once again today, even managing to get fouled while making a layup and following up with the free throw for the successful three-point play. The Advanced Care team hung tight with the Second Chance team for about five minutes, but fell way behind the rest of the way. The final result was a 50-20 loss, moving the ACC team to 1-6 on the season.

   Once again, a special thanks to Tara for taking pictures for me as I kept score!

vs. Second Chance

Tyler ready to charge in for a rebound on an outside shot.

Drew guarded the scorer's table during halftime.

Tyler watching his shot fall through the hoop. He was fouled on the play, making his free-throw for a three-point play.

The final score - a 50-20 loss.


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