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    I have the same complaints about Tyler's game that I did about Samantha's (see her Game 1 page for a recap of said complaints), but I have a few extra for his game... first, the refereeing is horrible. Not once did anyone shoot free throws, despite obvious fouls on shot attempts. Ball out of bounds. Not just once either, but multiple times. We never could figure out why. Also, the scoreboard got unplugged during the game and I don't think that the score was ever right after that... but what they displayed is all we have to go by, so that is the score reported.

    Tyler played a decent game today, especially on defense. His ball handling skills were good today as well. He scored one layup today on a nice drive to the basket, but his outside shot was off (perhaps the result of two early morning games at the Cage?). My one complaint about his team is that they don't pass the ball much. If you are the kid who rebounds the ball, most of the time you are the kid who shoots at the opposite end of the court. Especially this one particular kid, whose mom yells "Shoot it!" at the top of her lungs every time he touches the ball, even if he is 50 feet from the basket. Very annoying. We'll know not so sit near her next time... Better luck next time, boys.

Game 1 - vs. Lakers

Tyler, running up the court during the first half.

Tyler is open for a pass. Unfortunately not many kids actually do that on this team.

The half time score, which was displayed as 18-6, with the Heat losing.

Tyler inbounding the ball to a teammate.

Tyler lined up to cover an out of bounds play.

Tyler inbounding the ball once again.

The "final" score...


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