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    Tyler played another decent game this afternoon, providing a little offensive spark on a day when most of his teammates couldn't get the ball through the hoop. Aside from one teammate who scored a lot of baskets late in the game, Tyler probably had the best offensive day for his team. He made a couple of baskets, one on a nice set shot and another on an aggressive drive to the basket (which I'd like him to do at the Cage too!). Overall the team played much better offensively than they did last week, working together on setting screens and passing the ball. Defensively they just couldn't keep up, as the Celtics had one player who was just much faster than them and another who was much taller than them (and I mean a whole head taller, if not more). I see improvement in them, now they just need to put it all together at one time and pull out a victory!

Game 3 - vs. Celtics

Tyler playing defense early in the game.

Tyler running up the court after his team rebounded the ball.

Tyler getting ready to set a screen for the ball-handler behind him.

Tyler making one of his two baskets.

Tyler dribbling up the court, ready to make a move.

Tyler watching one of his shots bounce off of the rim.

Tyler coming down after another layup attempt.

Today's correct final score, a 40-20 loss.


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