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    What a game! The game between Tyler's team and the Lakers, who beat the Heat 30-22 the last time that they played, was close throughout. The halftime score was 20-20, and I don't think that there was a difference of more 4 points for the majority of the game. Tyler's team did pull away a little bit at the end before giving up a couple of meaningless buckets. Tyler had his best game of the season today, scoring 8 points (or 10, I may have forgotten a bucket somewhere - it was a long day!) in addition to providing some good defense and ball handling. I am very proud of the effort that Tyler is putting into the Upward games. If only he would bring the same confidence level into his games at the Cage... With time, I hope.

Game 4 - vs. Lakers

Tyler running out of the tunnel during pregame introductions.

Tyler dribbling the ball up the court after securing a rebound.

Tyler running up the court after his team scored a basket.

Tyler playing some strong defense on the opposing player who scored the most points against the team.

Tyler driving in for a layup.

Donovan dribbling the ball up the court.

Tyler running back up the court after scoring a basket.

Today's final score, a 38-32 victory.


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