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    Considering that the Celtics team seem to be fairly stacked from top to bottom in comparison to the other teams that are in the same age bracket, and that the teams are supposed to have equal talent throughout, I think that Tyler, Donovan, and their teammates played a very good game today. The score was tied going in to halftime, but was 10-8 at the start of the second half (the excuse was that they missed putting a basket up on the scoreboard, but Tara & I generally watch this pretty closely and I don't think that was the case - if anything they may have missed giving one shot three points, putting two on the board instead, but that would have been it, and even then I'm not 100% sure the shot was a three pointer anyway). Regardless of the change in score during halftime, the Heat just didn't have enough in the tank during the second half. Tyler had a pretty decent game again today. His man-to-man defense has definitely improved since the beginning of the season, and his offense continues to improve. He didn't have the scoring binge that he had last week, but he made a couple of shots and wound up shooting four free throws as well. He only has one more chance here at Upward, as he will be missing two of the next three games due to a conflict with his Cage team's games.

Game 5 - at Celtics

Tyler running out of the tunnel during pregame introductions.

Both teams joined at half court for the pregame prayer.

Tyler guarding his man.

The halftime score, an 8-8 tie that morphed into a 10-8 deficit somehow during the halftime break.

Donovan inbounding the basketball.

Tyler shooting one of his free throws.

Tyler shooting another free throw.

Donovan driving to the lane on his way to making a layup.

Today's final score, a 22-16 loss (despite what the scoreboard says).


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