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    I think that we must be some kind of jinx to the Heat team. Two of the three wins that they have experienced this season have come when Tyler isn't there, and thus we aren't there to cheer them on. I am sure that most of that has to do with the opposition, but it is still starting to give me a complex.

    Today's game didn't really see too many things go right for Tyler or his teammates. Tyler did score, but the entire team had a tough time putting the ball through the hoop on a consistent basis today. Tyler has definitely improved his defense throughout this season, which is a very positive aspect to his participation in the Upward league this season. I am only sorry that his final game with the team (he will be missing the final game due to a conflict with his Cage team's games that day) had to end on such a sour note, as they lost 23-12 today.

Game 7 - vs. Lakers

Donovan guarding his man at the beginning of the game.

Tyler, Dwayne, Erica, Samantha, and Marissa sitting on the bench, watching the action unfold.

Tyler in a good defensive position as his man dribbles the ball up the court.

Tyler shooting a free throw.

Tyler inbounding the ball.

Tyler walking up the court, getting frustrated with how things are going.

Tyler guarding his man.

Today's final score, a 23-12 loss.


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