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    Thanks to a late schedule change for Tyler's Cage team, he was able to play in his Upward teams final game of the season after all. The team was already missing one other player, and Tyler would have left them two short. By the end of the game all of the boys were tired, so I can only imagine what they would have been like down another teammate!

    Tyler continues to improve with each passing week, both at the Cage and here with Dwayne coaching the Upward team. He followed up his best Cage game of the season with another strong game here at the church, but there were times when you see him get visually winded from playing his second game of the day (so far). He had some nice shots and some questionable ones, but overall the effort was there. We are very pleased with the effort that Tyler put in all season, as well as the progress he has made. Great job Tyler, Donovan, and the rest of their teammates.

Game 8 - vs. Celtics

Tyler running down the lane while playing defense in the first half.

Donovan bringing the ball up the court while Dwayne and Erica coach from the sidelines.

Tyler bringing the ball up the court after securing a rebound.

Donovan shooting the first of his two free throws.

Tyler getting hit hard while setting a screen for Donovan.

Tyler putting up a bad-angle shot from behind the backboard!

Donovan dribbling near the halfcourt line as Tyler prepares to set a pick for him.

Tyler getting hit hard again while setting a screen.

Tyler set another screen, this time he put a little effort into the hit as well.

The final score, a 25-25 tie.


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