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    We posed for a few pictures after the race before attempting to get cleaned up. While there was a "shower" (in the form of a tanker truck) provided for us to clean off in, it was ice cold water that took our breath away. Ice cold water that was colder than the water we were given to drink either at the halfway point or at the finish line, by the way. Neither Tara or I could manage to stay in the water long enough to get clean. We eventually made our way back to the van to wipe off with a towel and change our clothes. We walked back in the staging area to donate our muddy shoes, but we both really wanted a shower more than we wanted to hang around with a gigantic group of strangers, so we were off. Enjoy the pictures!

Pre-Dash Sights

Rodney & Tara standing near a Warrior Dash logo on a fence.

Another shot of Rod & Tara.

Since we were already muddy, why not a hug?

Rod & Tara posing for a picture.

This water truck was provided to clean off in, but the water was ice cold!

Somewhere in this pile is our shoes... to be cleaned up and donated.

    Once we got home we checked the race results... not too impressive. My one regret is not signing up for two races - one to push myself to see where I could have finished, and another to do the Dash with Tara. Next year that is the plan. Looking through the results, we were beat by an 83 year old lady, a 92 year old lady, and a pregnant lady! We are now on notice for next year, with 12 months to train!

Warrior Dash Results

Rodney & Tara placed side by side in the overall rankings, finishing at 10,213 and 10,214 out of 10,527 Warriors.

Rodney finished 1,029 our of 1,048.

Tara finished 823 out of 879.

This is the group that made it sink in just how poorly we did... beat by two much older ladies... a 92 year old and an 83 year old!

Remember the picture of the pregnant lady? Yeah, she beat us too!


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