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    After Samantha's afternoon soccer game we headed into downtown Ann Arbor to wander the streets and the campus of the University of Michigan. We hit several cool stores before settling on Five Guys for dinner (Samantha vetoed The Melting Pot, but everyone agreed on Five Guys). After eating we headed down the street to wander the campus for a bit. The only building we entered was the law library, and that was mainly because Jayden needed to utilize their facilities. After we finished our brief tour of campus it was time to head back to the van, but not before stopping in a painted alleyway and at Shakolad, Tara's favorite chocolate shop - at the kid's request (likely they were inquisitive after being shut out on their chocolate boxes a few times in the past). With chocolate in hand, it was time to head home.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The kids were all offered these cool "Moose-taches" inside the Moosejaw store, but only Drew was willing to let the store clerk take his picture wearing one!

Jayden finally put hers on, but only once we were safely out of the store!

Samantha standing outside her namesake clothing store, Sam's!

The Michigan Theatre, which happens to be just down the street from...

...the State Theatre!

The University of Michigan diag... every college campus has to have one, right?

The Nickels Arcade, home to several shops.

Jay standing beside a tree with no bark on the diag.

One could say that the bike lock did some good. One could say that...

One of the buildings on U of M's campus.

This squirrel was busy gathering acorns.

Another building on the U of M campus.

Jayden scolded a young man for riding his bike through this tunnel when the sign clearly says to walk your bike!

A look up at the building with the tunnel through it.

Tyler and Drew chased this squirrel up a tree - but it kept it's eye on them the whole time they walked away!

The architecture building on the U of M campus.

A look at the artwork on the front entrance to the architecture building.

The front entrance to the architecture building.

These columns stood solemnly by, attached to nothing but surrounded by construction trailers.

The law library building - Tara's favorite.

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