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    The Holly Library helps host a circus in Holly every year, and last year my Mom (who is involved in the library) convinced Tyler that it would be a good idea to volunteer at the meal that the library hosts for circus employees. Tyler ended up having so much fun that he decided to do it again this year, as did his sister Samantha. Like last time, Tyler worked in the kitchen washing dishes, as did Samantha. The kids not only enjoyed volunteering for this position, but are looking forward to the opportunity to do it again next year. The best part was that they got free tickets to the show for doing their part in helping out!

Circus Helpers

A look at some of the volunteers waiting for the circus employees to dine.

The snack buffet.

Some of the employees making their way through the food line.

Tyler and Samantha did their part by volunteering in the kitchen, washing dishes.

A shot of Tyler and Sam working their tails off.

Another look at Tyler and Sam in the kitchen.

Tyler and Sam posing for a picture while washing dishes.

One last look at the kids working in the kitchen.


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