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    Drew had been asking to attend a Detroit Pistons game for quite some time (OK, all season). Since Tara was going to be taking the girls to Indiana for the Vera Bradley factory sale I decided that it was the perfect opportunity for me to take Tyler and Drew to a game. Of course the buy one, get one free ticket offer that included free t-shirts didn't hurt my feelings either.

    We started our evening off by driving down to Auburn Hills. Our first stop was at Five Guys Burgers And Fries for dinner. We ate dinner, although my upset stomach prevented me from eating the burger that I craved, I had to settle for a hot dog instead (with which I was not impressed). While we were eating we were greeted by one of Samantha's friends, Shelby, who was eating dinner with her aunt and cousin.

    After eating we made the drive to The Palace of Auburn Hills. It was only when I made the turn into the Palace parking lot that the boys figured out what we were doing for the rest of the evening. Although they weren't as excited to be here as they were for the Red Wings game that we went to earlier this year, they were still pleased with the turn of events.

    We arrived with plenty of time before the game started. This allowed us ample time to get the evening's promotional item - a poster of the coaching staff, of all things - and to find the location to pick up our free t-shirts. After we got our shirts, we made our way to our seats. Although they weren't as good as I was hoping, they weren't bad either. We were in the lower bowl, in the last row. We had the three seats on the end of the row, which was great for us based on the amount of times that the boys got up throughout the game.

    The game itself was pretty disappointing. The Pistons played like, well, like the lottery bound team that they are. At one point they were down nearly 30 points in the second half. The embarrassing loss took a lot of the enthusiasm away from the boys. The most excitement that they showed throughout the evening was when either the players themselves (during the pregame time) or the Palace Patrol members through t-shirts into the crowd. They also got excited when they handed out free pizzas, as we were close to winning one this time as well (Tyler snagged a free pizza at the Red Wings game). Tonight the pizza went to a boy in the row in front of us.

    Although I think that we would all enjoy going to another game in the future, it would be beneficial for us to plan it against a vastly inferior opponent or to wait until the team has some players worth paying to see. Until then, enjoy the pictures from tonight's experience!

Detroit Pistons vs. Milwaukee Bucks - The Palace of Auburn Hills

Drew and Tyler attempting to have a picture taken...

...but the camera wasn't exactly cooperating. By the time it did, this was the face that Tyler was making.

Drew, Tyler, and Rodney posing for a picture at their seats.

The Detroit Pistons warming up before the game.

Tyler and Drew headed down the arena steps in an attempt to catch a free t-shirt thrown into the stands by the players.

Another look at Drew and Tyler trying to catch a t-shirt.

The pre-game introductions included giant flames from behind the basket.

The opening tip-off.

Tara's sister Amy was busy fulfilling her duties as a member of the Palace Patrol on "Golden Oldies" night.

At halftime we were treated to a brief performance by Chubby Checker. C'mon baby, let's do the twist!

Another look at Chubby Checker performing at halftime.

Jonas Jerebko getting ready to shoot a free throw.

Will Bynum playing defense against a Milwaukee player.

Jonas Jerebko running back to the offensive end of the court.


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