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    After a long three days at Camp Tamarack with Samantha, it was time for Tara & I to take the kids to the end of year school celebration at Patterson. Sam and I didn't get to stick around and enjoy it for long, as I had to take her to soccer. Tyler was in the same predicament, except he had basketball practice. Tara, Drew, and Jayden (who arrived just before I left with my mom) were able to stick around a bit longer, but Tara wasn't interested in keeping the camera for pictures. What I have below are the few shots I was able to take before heading out for practice. Enjoy!

Patterson End Of Year Celebration

Drew at his first activity of the evening, the bean-bag toss.

Another shot of Drew at the bean-bag toss game.

Drew trying his hand at putt-putt golf.

A look at Drew trying out the "Flush Your Homework" game. If you made it in the toilet (complete with flushing sound effects), you got to dig out a "prize" - a tootsie roll!

Drew waiting for his turn in "Crayon Land"!

Drew inside the crayon bounce house.

Another shot of Drew inside the bounce house.

Drew making his way through the inflatable obstacle course.

Another shot of Drew inside the obstacle course.

Drew making his way up the climbing wall.

Tyler decided to give the obstacle course a shot as well.

Another look at Tyler making his way through the challenges.

Tyler heading up the climbing wall.

Drew headed back to the game area, this time trying out the "Connect 4" game.

Drew wanted to give the other putting game a chance.


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