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    While I was doing some research for my Camp Tamarack write-up from the trip that Samantha and I took at the beginning of June I discovered that they offer a lot of fun things for kids throughout the summer. One of the offerings that we could all participate in was the Tamarack Family Fun Day. There was a small fee associated with the day ($10 per person, or $30 per carload - guess which one we qualified for!?!), but you basically had free reign of the camp from 10:00am-4:00pm. This meant that any of the activities they had staffed for the day we were free to use, and they even provided us with lunch!

    I must admit that I originally wanted to go so that Tara could get a taste of what the food was like when I went with the kids, but once they found out about it they were all excited for the opportunity to go! Tara had breakfast plans with some of her friends this morning, so when she returned home we loaded up the car and headed off to camp. We arrived a little before noon, and were given a spot to park. We paid our fee, registered for the day, and were given our wristbands which allowed us to explore all that we wanted. We headed off to the water station first, where the camp was nice enough to provide each one of us with a free reusable water bottle that we could then fill with nice, cold water. Since it was hot out, most of us decided to take them up on this offer. Tyler was the lone holdout, for reasons unknown.

    The kids (mainly Tyler and Samantha) wanted to check out the high ropes area, itching to get back up there one more time. We started down the road, but decided to eat lunch first since the dining hall was on the way. A small part of me was disappointed that they were serving hot dogs and hamburgers along with Lay's potato chips, potato salad, and cole-slaw. The had watermelon and chocolate chip brownies as an option for dessert. I was hoping for some horrible slop on a tray, just so Tara could taste it, but alas... it wasn't meant to be on this day. Tara and Tyler had the burgers, and the rest of us ate hot dogs. None of the food was overly warm, so at least that part was authentic to our camp experience!

    After we ate our food, it was time to find the high ropes. We made it, although Drew and Jayden were tired of walking already at this point! Unfortunately there was nobody operating this activity, so the best we could do was walk around it and show Tara what it was all about. That, and try to keep from getting eaten alive by horse fly's and various other annoying bugs. It was time to get out of here!

    Our next stop was at the lake, where both Tyler and Sam went canoeing when they were at camp. This time around they opted to ride in a kayak, while Drew, Jay and I hopped into a canoe. We all had a great time on the water, although Drew and Jay were a little unsure in this small of a boat. Jay had to sit on butt in the middle of the canoe, which meant that she got a little bit wet down there... thankfully it was a hot day and would dry off with no problem. We didn't get out too far because of their nerves, and they kept asking how deep it was. We made our way back to shore, as did Tyler and Sam moments later. Drew and Jay wanted to go back out, though, and this time they convinced Tara to take them. Tara took them out onto the lake, but she rowed much faster than I did. This didn't go over too big with either of the little two, although they didn't freak out about it. Before we knew it they were headed back in to shore.

    We headed back out along the road, with plans on making our way towards the front of camp. We got distracted by a high rope-type activity along the way, located near the Environmental Education Building (where living science was held). It reminded me of a ride that Tara & I went on at Cedar Point many years ago - the RipCord. They hooked a couple of people into a harness, lifted them up in the air, and then - zoom, away they went, swinging back and forth high in the air. It looked like a lot of fun - Tara was all about riding it - but the lines were fairly long, so we opted to move on to something else. We wound up back at the main intersection of roads in the camp, and it just so happened that a bus was there. We opted to get on, and rode back to the dining hall area.

    Once we were off the bus, we headed down the trail to the beach on this side of the lake. There were more canoes, kayaks, and body boards on this side of the lake, and another couple of inflatable's here too. There was also water skiing, and tubing behind a jet ski was an option as well. Unfortunately the crowds here were gigantic, and the kids decided that they didn't want to wait. Plus, unfortunately, we didn't have them wear their bathing suits, so they would have had to put up with wet clothes had they decided to go swimming. We continued along the trail, passing the s'more location along the way (they weren't serving those until 3:00pm, and it was only 2:00pm now). We came out near the gym, and the kids decided that they wanted to give tennis a try. We grabbed four rackets and three balls, and set off playing doubles. Sam and I took on Tyler and Drew. Tara and Jayden went to play on the playground area. While we were playing tennis I spotted an archery target, and Tyler was interested in giving this a shot (no pun intended). Sam did it with her school when they were here, but Tyler's class didn't get that opportunity. Unfortunately (once again), by the time we put the tennis stuff away and got down there the equipment had been put away. I knew it was getting late, but I thought we'd have enough time for this one.

    Since the archery lesson was a bust, we headed towards the van. The rock climbing wall is located near there, so we headed that way. Tyler didn't get a chance to do this with his class either, so he was looking forward to it as well. Once again we were too late... they called one more climber just as we got there, and there was already a climber waiting at each of the three walls they were using. Bummer!

    It seemed as though everything was closing up except for the s'more station, so we decided to call it a day. Everyone had enjoyed themselves immensely, and Tara got a taste of what camp was like for us. Drew has decided that he wants Tara to go to camp with him when he is in fifth grade, so at least they have that to look forward to! I also think that everybody would like to go back to the Family Fun Day next year, although we'd have to arrive right at the 10:00am opening with our bathing suits on! Tyler also has decided that it might not be so bad to attend camp one summer, although this one lasts 24 days for his age group... I'm not sure how he'd handle that! Also, us being not Jewish - I'm not sure how that would factor into his ability to attend and what he would do during their religious ceremonies. Oh well, it is something to look into for next year!

Family Fun Day at Camp Tamarack

Tara, Jayden, Drew, Samantha, and Tyler "enjoying" their lunch at the dining hall.

Drew and Jay found a seat to take their shoes off, while Sam and Tyler were already getting fitted for their life jackets.

Drew, Jayden, and Rodney waving at the camera!

Tyler getting shoved off of shore.

Sam waiting for her turn to get into a boat.

Drew, Jay, and Rod backing away from shore while Tyler does his best to turn his kayak around.

Tyler making his way out onto the lake.

Sam managed to get her boat turned around and headed out as well.

Another look at Sammie paddling out on the lake.

Drew, Jay, and Rod making their way around the lake.

Another shot of the canoers paddling around.

Sam out on the water.

Heading back out!

Sam and Tyler made it quite a way's out today. Oh, and hey bozo - the picture isn't of you, so stop waving!

Drew, Jay, and Rod heading towards shore.

Another look at Tyler and Sam way out on the water.

Sam rowing along.

Tyler looking at the inflatable's.

Sam coming towards shore.

Back on shore, Drew and Jay convinced Tara to go out with them.

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