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    As has been the tradition for the past several years, Tara took the kids to Dwayne & Erica's house for trick-or-treating. Although the weather was very chilly and somewhat misty, the kids still managed to have fun and come home with nice selection of candy. The only bad part this year was that I missed walking with the family, as I was stuck at work (only 4 hours of vacation time remaining for emergency use only!). This year Tyler went as a football player (despite that fact that we cut a hole in a perfectly usable laundry basket so that he could go out as dirty laundry this year). Samantha wanted to go as a toilet, so I custom built her a commode out of cardboard. Drew opted for an army-man, and in the process ended up wearing Grandpa Gary's old Army uniform (part of it anyway - the pants were way too big, and the hat hurt his head). Jayden had been planning for months to dress up as Tinkerbell, and that is just what she did - the only thing that went wrong for her was the glow stick wand she had been saving got used a few days early... she was disappointed, but managed to enjoy her evening without it anyway!

Halloween Trick-Or-Treating

Samantha (toilet), Marissa (Minnie Mouse), Jayden (Tinkerbell), Donovan (gangsta), Tyler (football player), and Drew (solider) posing for a picture before terrorizing the neighborhood.

Another shot of Sam, Marissa, Jay, Donovan, Tyler, and Drew.

Tyler and Drew getting ready to go trick-or-treating.

Jayden showing off her look of awe...

...and shock!

Sam, Marissa, and Jay posing for a picture.

Another shot showing of Sam the toilet, Marissa Mouse, and Jayden's version of Tinkerbell.

One final shot of Sam in her toilet costume.


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