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    Tara took the kids into town on Wednesday, August 8th, to see a monster truck and a race car that were rumored to be at the car show for the evening. Turns out they weren't there, but the they all seemed to find something to like anyway...

Holly Car Show

A look at a busy downtown Holly.

Samantha was pleased to find this mustache in one of the stores in town.

Jayden was impressed by all of the Coca-Cola items in this store!

Another look at the Coca-Cola selection.

A true collectors car - a Yugo Convertible!

Drew and Tyler checking out a "rat rod."

Kid Rock might not be thrilled that his tap handle is being used as a gear shift in this particular car!

Another look at the "rat rod."

This 4 month old parrot was spending time in town as well.

Both Drew and Jayden took a moment to pet the parrot's tail feathers, but Jay was too fast for a picture!

Drew checking out the "fast food" on this particular car.

Drew said "Look, it's Stanley" (from the CARS movies) and the owner overhead him and offered the kids a chance to sit inside.

Drew had to grab the drivers seat, while Tyler had shotgun and Sam and Jay got the back seat.

Another look at Sam, Jay, Tyler, and Drew inside "Stanley."


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