Jayden's Dance Recital

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    Jayden started out with a small ballet class, just to give it a shot to see if she liked it or not. Well, of course she did! Enough to want to stick with it for the year. After lots of practice, it was finally time for her recital. All her hard work paid off on June 10th, when Jayden got her turn to dance on stage. As expected at this age group, not all of the girls remembered each of their steps, but it didn't matter... it was cute watching Jayden and her classmates do their best. She was so proud of herself - that in itself makes it worth while. Love you Jayden!

Jayden Dance Recital

Jayden, in the center on her left toe, performing during her first ever dance recital.

Jay spotted her mom in the crowd. Wave!

Jay dancing around with her classmates.

The dance routine was about getting in shape. Here Jay is showing off her muscles while looking at her mom.

Below are more pictures of Jayden dancing in her recital...


Jay with her hand in the air at the end of their routine.


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