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    The kids who successfully help the school meet it's fundraising goal (either by doing their part selling the goods or by volunteering) are treated to a limo ride and lunch at Dairy Queen. Tyler got to do this early in his elementary years, but we have been slacking off lately for the other kids. This year was their reward, as Samantha, Drew, and Jayden all got to ride in the limo and enjoy lunch. Since I was working second shift, I was able to volunteer and help out with the ordeal. I was tasked with helping at DQ, getting the kids to and from the limo and passing out lunches and whatnot. The kids all seemed to have a great time, and I am sure that they are planning on doing it again next year!

Limo Ride To Dairy Queen

The Hummer limo as it pulled into the library parking lot next door (it was easier for the limo to maneuver through this parking lot - although the limo driver made even that look questionable at times).

Jayden's group was the first of the kids to arrive. Here she is getting out of the limo.

Jayden enjoyed her hot dog and fries for lunch.

Drew's group was the next to arrive, and he was the first one out of the limo.

Drew sat with his friends as he enjoyed his meal.

Samantha's group was the final one of the day. Here she is getting out of the limo, but not requiring any help to do so!

Sam pouring some ketchup to dip her fries in.

Sam snapped this picture of Rodney as he was about to eat her ice cream cone. Thankfully he was a good dad and returned it to her.


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