March 21st Sunset

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    Samantha has soccer practice outdoors on Monday's and Tuesday's. I have been attempting to take advantage of that time by going for a run while she is practicing. This particular Wednesday I also brought along my new camera and the book I bought to learn how to use it just in case I had some extra time to kill after my run. I am glad I did, because the sunset was beautiful that particular evening! I was so pleased with how some of the pictures turned out that I decided to turn them into my first wallpapers of the 2012 year! I also thought that I would share them with you here in case you aren't inclined to check out my Wallpaper page. Enjoy!

The Setting Sun

A look at the bright orange sun in the sky.

The sun making it's way behind some clouds.

Another look at the sun in the clouds.

The sun a little lower, behind some different clouds.

I wasn't as fond of this shot, but Tara liked it!


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