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    On Tuesday, April 10th, Samantha and Drew's school held a Math & Science Night in conjunction with the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. Although Tyler and Drew were home sick, I was able to take Sam and Jayden to enjoy the evening's activities. There were several tables set up around the cafeteria, each with a different scientific experiment set up. The kids were free to roam from activity to activity as they saw fit. There was definitely some activities that were more popular than others, but the girls tried almost all of them during our time at the school. They were also excited to see that Tara was able to skip out of her math class early tonight to join them in the fun for a while. By the time the evening was done the kids had a ton of fun, although the cafeteria was a mess!

Math & Science Night

Samantha and Jayden working on an experiment with salt water and colored water (which represented the fresh water in this experiment).

Sammie had fun at this table, where corn starch and water mixed to create an exciting mess!

With her ear to the table, Sam is listening to a very quiet music box tune in a noisy room.

Jay and Sam filled their bags with water and poked through them with pencils until they no longer leaked. Sam eventually ended up with 28 in hers!

Sam used a straw to blow giant bubbles on this table.

It took Jay a while to warm up to the experiments, but she finally gave the salt water experiment a try on her own.

Sam was waiting for a partner to try and stack blocks using a rubber band and strings for handles.

Jayden tried stacking these stones into a clay "boat" floating in a tub of water. She managed 6 stones before the boat had all that it could handle and sank to the bottom.

Sam didn't have as much luck with her "boat", but then again she didn't have her dad help her either...

Sam and Jay are trying to figure out how to make their straws play music. It took some work, but they finally got them to work!

Jayden finally worked up the courage to stick her hand into the corn starch goo...

...where she was surprised at how hard it could be and then turn to a liquid mush when the pressure is released.

Sam came over to play with the goo as Jayden was having too much fun!

Jay had to work hard to get her straw to vibrate enough to make any noise.

Sammie and Jay sorting for tiny animal bones.

Tara arrived after her math class. She had fun listening to the gong-like vibrations of an oven rack suspended by strings wrapped around her fingers, which were in turned stuck in her ears.

Jayden had no problem floating paper clips on top of the water in this tub.

Although she wasn't told what the "magic" substance was in this experience, it helped build up enough pressure inside a water filled film canister to explode the lid off and send it flying through the air!

Sam built this parachute out of a hair net and three straws.

Jayden and Tara were waiting for their turn to help build a parachute for Jay.

Tara loves her baby girl!

Sam playing straw music as Jay tests her parachute.


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