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    Samantha wanted to play basketball again this winter, so we signed her up for the Broncho Basketball league through the Springfield Township Parks & Recreation. She played in this league two years ago, before trying out the Upward league last year. This year she was selected by the L & R Construction team. Their color is Kelly Green, and Sam was given #9 on her uniform. Please enjoy the game pictures and recaps...

  • Team Pictures - Go here to see the official team photograph as well as Sam's individual player photo.

Broncho Basketball - L & R Construction



Location Time Result Score Record
  Jan 07 Game 1 - vs. Smith's Disposal HMS 9:00am W 34-21 1-0
  Jan 21 Game 2 - vs. Aqua-Weed Control HMS 1:00pm W 34-23 2-0
  Jan 28 Game 3 - vs. Black Team HMS 11:00am L 23-22 2-1
  Feb 04 Game 4 - vs. Springfield Twp. P&R HMS 3:00pm W 28-22 3-1
  Feb 11 Game 5 - vs. Royal Blue Team HMS 9:00am W 30-25 4-1
  Feb 25 Playoff Game 1 - vs. Springfield Twp. P&R HMS 1:00pm L 37-35 0-1 (4-2)


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