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    Around 4:00am on July 5th we had about an hour of severe wind and rain. There were wind gusts up to 64mph reported nearby. Although we got off easy compared to those who lost power for several days (we never lost power - the lights only dimmed down twice, miraculously!), we didn't escape totally unharmed. I'm not exactly sure how long that we've had a trampoline in our yard (we've had two, both thanks to neighbors who vacated their houses), but tonight was the first time that it ever moved in a storm of any kind. What I thought was weird was that the legs stayed put, dropping right where they were, but the top went sailing. It put a huge dent in our fence, and were it not for the giant bushes that block our back yards from the road, it may have possible ended up in our neighbors windows. Thankfully Tyler, Drew, and I were able to retrieve it without incident and Dad & I were able to more-or-less straighten out the fence. All in all, no harm done...

July 5th Storm

A look at the trampoline legs laying just as they fell.

A look at our house (on the right) and our neighbors house (on the left). The trampoline took out a chunk of grass by our clothesline and hit the pine tree before slamming into the fence and ending up in the neighbors bushes.

A closer look down the fence at the trampoline damage.


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