Toboggan Hill Sledding

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    After two months of trying, all of the stars aligned for us to finally make an attempt to go sledding at Toboggan Hill north of Davison on Saturday, February 25th. Tara, Tyler, Samantha, Drew, and Jayden all went, along with Tyler's friend Mike. Although we had already had a busy morning with Drew's hockey class and Sam's basketball game, we figured that we should try and squeeze in a sledding trip before the weather changed again. There haven't been many chances this year where there was snow on the ground and the temperature was right, and even when it does have that magic combination it doesn't last long. Good thing we did, because over the next few days since the temperature reached the lower 40's and the snow is pretty much all gone! While we escaped unscathed, not everyone who was there could say the same. We witnessed two people come away injured - one who rode to the ER in their own vehicle and another who required the use of an ambulance to get there. We were smart enough to stay away from the hill where these people got hurt and managed to have a great time ourselves (even though I was feeling my age and soreness for several days after)!

Toboggan Hill Sledding

Samantha making her way up the hill after her first run of the day.

Drew, Rodney, Jayden, and Samantha getting ready to go sledding down the hill.

Sam and Jay making their way down the hill.

Jay and Tara ready for their turn to begin.

Drew racing down the hill.

A look a the hill from the top.

Drew and Tara getting ready to go down the hill once again.

Tyler standing at the top of the hill.

Jayden and Drew going down the hill by themselves.


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