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    As a thank-you to my Dad & Mom for all of the hard work they have put in helping Tara & I get our house remodeling projects underway, we headed to Berkley to dine at the Vinsetta Garage, the newest restaurant from the people behind the Clarkston Union and the Union Woodshop. Based on our knowledge of the other restaurants, we knew that if we arrived later in the day that the wait could be tremendous (upwards of three hours at times). We decided to arrive shortly after the 4:00pm opening so that we could get seated quickly. We got there at 4:15pm, and the wait was already 90 minutes! Since we had driven nearly an hour to get here, we decided that it would be ok to stick it out. This worked out well, because after we finished our drinks in the outdoor waiting area we were seated about 45 minutes later.

    A bit of history... The Vinsetta Garage is the oldest automobile repair shop East of the Mississippi River, built in 1919. It was purchased to preserve this history, and to prevent it from being torn down and turned into a parking lot or a pharmacy. Eventually it was decided to put a restaurant inside of it. Much of the interior still looks very much like a repair shop. From the garage doors (complete with cracks that let in sunlight) to the decorations on the walls (as you enter the bathroom vestibule you may notice that the walls are papered with old repair tickets). Overall a very cool concept that turned out to be a very cool restaurant.

    We sat at a table in front, and although it was warm inside we were able to enjoy our meal. As you would expect from food prepared by the cooks at the two Union restaurants, everything was delicious. Desert may have been the best part, as Tara & I had Faygo Rock N' Rye ice cream topped with Pop-Rock candy! Delicious. If only it had been Faygo Red Pop! Dad & Mom ordered a lava cake with vanilla ice cream. The cake was very good as well.

    Overall it was well worth the drive and wait. It is a bit of a hike for us, but I could certainly see us going back again. I can't wait until they open the old fire hall in Fenton early next year!

Vinsetta Garage - Berkley

"Vinsetta Garage - Custom Detroit Eats"

A look at the electric car charging stations where the gas pumps used to be. The cord hanging from the closest pump is plugged in to a Chevrolet Volt.

Atop the waiting area is a vintage race car.

A look at the skylight in the center of the garage.

Some of the spectacular lights hanging in the dining area.

The penny floor in the bathroom area.

The front of the Vinsetta Garage. Admittedly this would have looked cooler lit up at night than it did at 5:00pm.


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