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    Despite being a great vehicle for us for a long time, our family van was on it's last legs. Without any interest in sinking more money into repairing it, we made the decision to let it go - putting it, and us, out of it's misery. So long, old friend. We'll miss you...

2003 Pontiac Montana

So long family!

What remained of the sticker that Samantha chose to represent her soccer team - the soccer ball fell off long ago...

A look at the driver's side view of the van.

This side of the front has seen some damage - most recently when Tara was sideswiped, denting the fender and knocking out the parking light.

This side of the front was blessed by a shopping cart in a Meijer parking lot one dark, snowy evening, knocking out the headlight.

The front seats.

The middle row.

The back seats.

Our friend "Service Engine Soon" was always by our side over the past couple of years.

With 180,248 miles on the odometer, it was getting expensive to maintain.

A look at the center stack, housing the radio, heat controls, and the rear entertainment system.

The storage area - many a grocery bag and sporting equipment bag rode back here. As did Rodney on several occasions!


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