Carlos's Departure

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July 28th. 2013              

    Today was a bittersweet day as we said goodbye to a young man who really became part of our family over the past 30 days. Jayden had even taken to calling him her "brother from another mother" during his stay. We had a lot of fun while he was here, from grocery shopping to paint ball to playing "yellow car" to singing along to the radio - the list goes on and on. We only hope that he had as much fun here with us as we did in hosting him. I know that we will all miss him, but especially Tara and Tyler. I think the two boys formed a tight bond over fishing and basketball that will never really be broken. Although it is possible that will never see him again, there will always be a connection there that will never be forgotten. Good luck in the future, Carlos. We wish you and your family the best! If the chance ever arises, please come and visit us again!

Carlos - Destination: Spain

Carlos, Drew, Tyler, Samantha, and a crying Jayden (although not over his departure - because she wasn't allowed to seal up a bag of candy before the picture was taken) posing for a farewell photo.

Another shot of Carlos, Drew, Tyler, Sam, and Jay.

Carlos and his fellow exchange students in the airport prior to their departure.

Another picture of Carlos, this time talking to his friend Pablo.


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