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December 22nd, 2013              

    We gathered or Christmas with Jerry & Gail the day after the big ice storm hit Michigan, knocking out power to thousands (our home included). Thankfully the clubhouse in their community still had power, so we were able to continue on as planned. We dined on tacos and a variety of chili's today before moving on to opening the gifts. Since the power outage affected so many, we were unable to purchase the gifts for Jerry & Gail, so those will be given to them at a later date.

Allen Family Christmas

Adam, Skyler, and Drew playing pool while others are busy working on the gingerbread houses.

Gail, Jayden, Lilly, Tara, Xaiver, Samantha, and Veronica working on the gingerbread houses.

A closer look at Jayden as she poses for a picture while working on her gingerbread house.

Xaiver, Sam (reading directions), and Veronica.

Olivia handing out "presents".

Sam sporting her frosting "lipstick".

Veronica making a bracelet while Xaiver plays on his tablet.

Sam and Veronica posing for a silly self portrait.

Tara focusing on perfecting her gingerbread house while Jerry & Gail look on.

Xaiver playing his tablet.

A look at some of the finished gingerbread creations.

Another silly self portrait of Sam and Veronica.

Adam posing for a picture.

Olivia talking on the "phone" - which was really the TV remote.

A closer look at one of the gingerbread houses.

The gingerbread tree.

The gingerbread train.

Another gingerbread house.

A close-up of Drew working his own gingerbread house.

Gail helping with the frosting as Drew works on his house.

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