Christmas Eve

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December 24th, 2013              

    Our family traditionally lets the kids open up a present or two on Christmas Eve, usually from Tara & I. This year we decided to do something a little different after reading about an idea online. Instead of each of the kids getting a gift to open, this year we gave them a family box. The theme was a family movie night, and it included a pair of pajamas for each of them, as well as four movies, a bag of popcorn, and a box of candy for every one of us! By this point the kids pretty much know that the candy is coming their way, but the rest was a welcome surprise for them. Unfortunately we couldn't watch the movie tonight since, due to the power outage, we were at my parents house, and they apparently no longer have a DVD player. Regardless of the circumstances, it was a fun evening for everyone!

Christmas Eve

Jayden sporting her Christmas hat.

Tyler was thrilled to have his picture taken!

Samantha wearing her Christmas hat.

Drew opted to skip the hat, but he was happy it was Christmas Eve anyway.

Even Jasper was in the spirit!

Jay, Tyler, Sam, and Drew, along with Jasper, awaiting their Christmas Eve present.

Sam, Jay, Tyler, and Drew with their Christmas Eve box in their lap, ready to be opened.

The kids ripping into their present...

...and checking out what is inside.

Each of the kids got a new pair of pajamas to wear on Christmas morning, and there was also movies, candy, and popcorn inside!

Jay showing off her pajamas.

Samantha, Jayden, Tyler, and Drew in their new pajamas.


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