Drew's 8th Birthday

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    We had cake and ice cream to celebrate Drew's actual 8th birthday at home, knowing that his real party, with his family and friends, would be coming later in the week. Drew wanted a white cake, but not everybody likes plain white cake, so Tara attempted to get fancy and do a half and half cake, with the other half being chocolate. Unfortunately the white half of the cake didn't quite make it out of the pan, and there wasn't enough frosting to fill in the missing pieces! Nobody seemed to mind, however, as it tasted delicious anyway!

Birthday Night Celebration

Drew giving the thumbs-up behind his cake.

Another shot of Drew posing with his birthday cake.

    On Saturday, January 26th, we held Drew's birthday party with our family and several of his friends. He had a great time hanging out with everyone who was able to make it, and he got lots of great presents that he was very appreciative and thankful for. I must apologize in advance for not crediting each of the gifts in the photos below... it was kind of hectic, and I forgot exactly who gave Drew what! Sorry!

Birthday Party

Several of the attendees waiting for Drew to open his first present!

A look at Drew as he opens the card from his first gift.

Drew reading the card that he got in a bag from his friend Miles, which contained...

...an echoing microphone...

...a Michigan t-shirt...

...some snazzy $$ glasses...

...and some Reeses Cups! (Miles also gave Drew Reeses Cups last year, but someone in our house - who has yet to confess - consumed them before Drew got a chance to enjoy them. This year they were promptly hidden away!)

Miles also gave Drew a cool survivor bracelet.

Drew thought that the card that his friend Josh gave him was hillarious!

Drew checking out the Legos that Josh gave him.

Drew reading a card from Jeff, Becky, Thomas, and Andrew...

...who also gave him an iTunes gift card and an NHL game for the Wii!

Drew reading the card that his friend Adam gave to him, along with...

...a set of Nerf disc guns!

Drew reading another card...

...and checking out another of his gift cards.

Drew giving his Grandma Gail a thank-you hug.

Drew reading yet another card.

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