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May 6th, 2013              

    Drew's team played their first game of the season tonight, and while neither Tara or I were able to attend, I did get a score and a report on the game from Drew and my mother. I know that Drew struck out twice tonight and had one hit. He played first base a couple of different innings, and he also played third base and the outfield. His team was able to turn an unassisted double play, but still managed to lose the game 11-6. From what I hear they looked pretty decent, so it is probably only a matter of time before things go right for them and they secure a victory (I hope!).

    I must apologize for the pictures below... I am not sure that they are in the appropriate order, as the camera batteries died completely, resetting the date stamp. Some of the photos had the correct date, and some had 01-01 as the date. Regardless, enjoy!

Game 1 - vs. Scribner's Heating & Cooling

Drew spent some time playing third base today.

Drew struggled at the plate, striking out during this at-bat.

Drew also played first base today.

Here he is ready for a throw from his fielders.

Drew scooping up the ball on a late throw.

Drew playing first base once again.

Drew struck out during this at-bat as well.

Drew played short stop for an inning.

Here he is moving to second base to back it up in case of a missed throw.

Here Drew is moving towards the third to help cover the base.

Drew finally managed a hit in this at-bat.

Drew made it safely to first base.

Drew celebrating a play in the field.

Here is another shot of Drew playing third base.


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