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May 13th, 2013              

    Both Tara & I had to miss Drew's game tonight due to work obligations, so I had to rely on word from Drew and my parents about the outcome of the game. I got word early on that Drew was having a big game at the plate, as he belted out two doubles in the the first two innings of action. I didn't get any more updates during the game, but Drew filled me in later on... he managed two more hits on the night, both singles, and his team cruised to an easy 20-4 victory. I don't have a lot of information about the fielding situation today, but from the pictures I could see that he spent at least an inning playing first base. All in all, a good game - one that I am sorry to say I missed. Way to go Drew!

Game 2 - at Kan Rock Tire

Drew rocking the ball during his first at-bat of the night...

...and watching it sail into the outfield as he heads towards first base.

Drew rounded first base on his way to second...

...where he had to tell his teammate (who was standing on the base) to keep running!

Drew was pretty pumped about his big hit tonight!

Drew swinging for another double during his second at-bat.

Another hit for Drew...

...and the follow-through.

This time Drew had to settle for a single.

Drew racing to second base on a teammates hit.

Drew speeding towards third on another hit.

Drew pulling into third base safely.

Drew coming home to score a run.

Drew on first base after another single.

Another shot of Drew running to second base.

Drew relaxing with his teammates on the bench.

Drew smiling for the camera during his big day.

Drew heading out to the field for defense.

Drew was pretty excited with the way the game was going today.

Drew smiling while playing first base.

Another shot of Drew happy while playing first base.

Drew getting into position to make a catch.


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