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May 23rd, 2013              

    I will let Drew's coach provide the recap on tonight's game:

    "Recap of last night, I think the kids enjoyed playing in the wet muddy field, it is always nice to get dirty while playing ball. The slide of the year so far goes to Drew for his slide into 2nd base and that huge wave that splashed a player from the other team I believe. Regardless of the fact that Drew was out the slide was amazing and that is what we are focusing on. Likewise Drew from the outfield also tagged a runner coming to 2nd base."

Game 5 - at Szott Ford

Drew standing on "Lake First Base" after his first hit of the night.

Drew swinging for and getting his second base hit of the night.

Drew sprinting to second base...

...where he was called out despite the "amazing" slide mentioned above.

Drew was ecstatic with his slide in the mud...

...and the coaches appreciated his effort.


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