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June 10th, 2013              

    Not much to tell about tonight's game. Drew said he had a base hit tonight, but that he also struck out once and got out at first once. He said the game went well, but that he was disappointed that they lost. The 13-12 score isn't ideal, but the kids are getting better game by game.

Game 9 - vs. Kan Rock Tire

Drew swinging and missing a pitch early in the game.

Drew ready for a strike right down the middle.

Drew looking for a fly ball while playing pitcher.

Drew watching his throw to first base.

Throw the ball to home Drew! You can't beat the runner there...

Drew scooping up a ground ball in the infield.

Drew swinging for his only hit of the game.

Drew heading to second base...

...and then later racing towards third base.


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