Drew's Field Day

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May 17th, 2013              

    Like his youngest sister Jayden's kindergarten class, Drew's second grade class participated in their field day on the afternoon of Friday, May 17th. Drew's class was joined by the other first, second grade, and third (I think...?) grade classes, but like Jay's field day they were partnered up with a classmate and allowed to go to the activity that they wanted to participate in. They also had a list of all of the activities pinned to their shirts (more than the kindergartner's by quite a bit) so that they could be sure that they didn't miss any. Drew had a lot of fun, but he had to skip some of the events because his partner had a cast on his wrist, making it difficult if not impossible for them to do them all.

Drew's Field Day

The first event that Drew participated in was a basketball one called...

...lightning. Drew did pretty good in this game...

...winning the game with his group.

Drew thought that the baton race was pretty fun.

Drew also enjoyed the sack race...

...and he soared to the finish line without crashing!

Drew did very well during the hurdle race...

...as evident by the smile on his face as he turns the corner...

...and leaps toward the finish line.

Drew learned that dribbling a soccer ball isn't necessarily his strong point...

...but he had fun anyway.

Drew was showing off the blue tongue that he was sporting from a birthday cupcake prior to coming outside.

Drew and his partner had to work together to be able to walk on these boards - let's just say it was a bit of a struggle for these two to figure it out!

Drew racing during his "50-yard dash" event.

Drew was in a big hurry during the tennis racket race...

...and he dropped the ball a few times before successfully racing to the finish line.

Drew celebrating his victory over his partner for the day.

Drew doing his best to kick the soccer ball into the goal.

Drew lost the ball a couple of times while he attempted to complete the kangaroo hop event...

...but managed to get a good grip on it before finishing the race.

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