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March 30th, 2013              

    We finally sat down to dye our Easter eggs on Saturday evening - late as always. Each of the kids got 6 eggs to dye this year, and they made the most of their chances. Each of them made some special eggs for themselves, and some of the eggs ended up with some very colorful combinations.

Egg Dying

Samantha, Jayden, Tyler, Drew, and Tara at the table while working on dying their eggs (or checking their phone, whichever the case may be...).

Always the funny man, Tyler had to give his "angry face" for this picture.

A closer look at Sam and Jay working on their eggs.

Tara, Drew, and Tyler dying eggs (or on the phone again...).

March 31st, 2013              

    Easter started out at home with the kids sorting through their baskets before hunting for all of the eggs that they dyed the night before. After going to church, it was time to head to Grandma Gail's house for dinner and an egg hunt.

Easter Day

The kids Easter baskets on the table, along with Dad & Mom's white chocolate bunnies.

A closer look at Tyler and Drew's Easter baskets.

And a look at Samantha and Jayden's baskets.

Tara, Drew, Sam, Tyler, and Jay on the couch, waiting to sort through the baskets.

Sam, Tyler, and Jay checking out their goodies.

Drew, Sam, and Tyler with their baskets.

Drew showing off his new Nerf gun.

Jayden trying out her new hula hoop.

Drew with some extra bullets for his Nerf gun.

Sam looking at her new alarm clock...

...and her new Twister Rave Skip-It game.

Tara looking on as Drew holds up his new Rise of the Guardians DVD.

Jayden was excited about her new Play-Doh sets.

Drew was ready to dive into his chocolate bunny.

Marissa, Lily, Jayden, and Drew at Grandma Gail's house starting the Easter egg hunt.

Jay looking for an egg along the side of the house.

Drew looking for his share of the eggs.

Marissa was busy filling up her bag with goodie-filled eggs.

Tyler and Donovan did their best to fill up their bags first.

Samantha was racing inside to see what she got inside of her eggs.


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