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June 23rd, 2013              

    The kids started asking if we were going to be able to participate in the Family Fun Day at Camp Tamarack again this year, so Tara & I looked it up online. Sure enough, it was coming up the following weekend, and we didn't have any prior plans for that day! So, we piled into the car on Sunday, June 23rd, and headed to camp once again. Like last year, there was a small fee associated with the day ($30 per carload), but we were free to participate in as many of the activities that they camp offered from 10:00am-4:00pm. Lunch was even provided to us! Although that still isn't much to brag about...

    Tara opted to attend the early mass today, which of course ran over, so when she returned home we loaded up the car and headed off to camp. We arrived around noon and directed to our park spot. We paid our fee, registered for the day, and were given our wristbands which allowed us to explore all that we wanted. Next to the registration area was the water station, and like last year a free reusable water bottle was provided that we could then fill with nice, cold water. Only Drew and Jay opted to take up this offer this year.

    Since we parked near the wall climbing area, we headed there first. Tyler, Samantha, and Jayden all attempted to climb different sections of the wall, all without much success. Once everyone had their feet firmly planted on the ground, we made our way to the cafeteria to dine on hot dogs, hamburgers , and Lay's potato chips, potato salad, and cole-slaw. Once again they had watermelon and chocolate chip brownies for dessert. Like last year, none of the food was overly warm or appetizing, so at least that part was authentic to our camp experience!

    After we ate our food, we attempted to go to the animal area, where both Tyler and Sam were able to learn about different animals during their stays here. Despite advertising a show at 1:30pm, nobody was to be found in the area. That meant no show for us. We then decided to head to the area where we canoed and kayaked last year, only to find that it was a swimming only area this year. Despite wanting to try out the inflatables in the lake, none of the kids were brave enough to swim through the seaweed to get to them. Time to find something else to do...

    Both Tyler and Samantha wanted to try out one of the activities that we had passed earlier - a giant swing that reminds me of a ride that Tara & I went on at Cedar Point many years ago - the RipCord. Sam was disappointed that she couldn't participate - she was under 13 - so I wound up having to go with Tyler. They hooked us each into a harness, attached us to a bar, lifted us high into the air, and when I released the rope, down we went, swinging back and forth high in the air! Once we finished our ride, it was off to the next activity!

    We walked to the other side of the lake, where the canoes, kayaks, and body boards were located along with another couple of inflatables. There was also water skiing, and tubing behind a jet ski was an option as well. Unfortunately for the kids, just as we gathered up life preservers for the little two and the kids began heading out to the water, the lifeguard blew his whistle and announced that the beach was closed.

    And thus ended our day. Despite enjoying the activities that we did participate in, we all grew frustrated by the short times available to partake in them. Perhaps if we had indeed arrived on time it would have been different, but that wasn't the case for us. Participating next year is up in the air at this point...

Family Fun Day at Camp Tamarack

Tyler harnessed up, ready for his climb.

Tyler hanging off the wall.

Tyler making his way up the wall.

Jayden climbing up the wall...

...and deciding that she wanted down.

Samantha starting her ascent up the wall.

Sam climbing upward.

Tyler, Samantha, Jayden, Drew, and Tara making their way down a nature trail.

Rodney and Tyler waiting to get into their harnesses at the giant swing.

Tyler and Rod getting ready for their ride.

And they are ready.

Up they go...

Tyler and Rodney getting pulled up.

A little higher...

...and a little higher...

...and at the top.

On their way down!

Tyler and Rodney swinging back and forth.



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