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May 19th, 2013              

    Samantha has been training for a 5k race with a group of girls at her school through a YMCA sponsored activity called Girls On The Run. She has been running two days a week for 6 weeks, all in anticipation of their big day at Oakland University on May 19th. She gathered with her team and their coaches before the race, and then once the race started they all ran at their own pace. After it was done, each of the girls seemed genuinely proud of their accomplishments, and they all should be. This wasn't Sam's first 5k, but I am sure it was for many of them. Congratulations to all of the girls!

Oakland University Girls On The Run

Samantha posing for a picture.

Samantha (fourth from the left) and some of her running group posing for a photo.

Samantha was getting a mustache painted on with the help of her friends.

Another shot of Sam's mustache.

The group stretching before the race begins.

Another stretch!

Time for a group photo... this time Sam is almost directly in the center of the group.

Another group photo.

The start of the race!

A look at the giant crowd. This is the second of two waves to run today. Samantha and her group was in this wave.

Sam spotted the camera as she ran by to start the race...

...and smiled the entire time she ran by...

...making sure she got in a picture...

...even as she made her way past.

One last look at Sam as she made her way through the crowd.

The finish line, taken before any of the racers approached.

Sam (in the black shorts in the middle of the picture) running with one of her friends.

Another shot of Sam as she nears the finish line.


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