2013 Chevrolet Volt

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    For my third car this year in the GM Ambassador Car program I selected a Chevrolet Volt. I was curious about using this car in real world situations, and I can honestly say that I wasn't disappointed at all. While there was no window sticker included with the car, my brief research showed that a similar car would probably sticker for around $35,000. I found a used Volt for $31,500 on a dealers lot, but that seemed like a waste since the government offers a $7,500 tax credit, bringing the price of a new Volt to less than that of a used one!

    My primary purpose for a small car such as the Volt (or a Chevrolet Cruze) would be as a transportation car, typically back and forth to work. Since my workplace has chargers for electric cars, this particular car would suit my needs to a "T". In fact, for the first three days I drove it I used less than a gallon of gas and was averaging over 250mpg! The "Eco" gauge on the dashboard encourages responsible driving (it did for me anyway), but if you really wanted to get on the gas the electric motor provided plenty of oomph. While there are some features that I could live without (the white iPod-like dash among them), they weren't enough to override my interest in the car. Being that this is the first generation Volt, I expect there to be some major improvements in Volt 2.0.

    Overall I like the car very much. I could certainly see one parked in my driveway as a daily driver. Of course, if we did own one I would want to spring for the 240V charger, which cuts the charge time down from 10 hours to 4. That, to me, would be money well spent.

2013 Chevrolet Volt

A look at the rear three-quarter view of the Chevrolet Volt.

The Chevrolet emblem and the Volt logo, found on the rear hatch.

A look at the rear of the Volt. The dark area under the spoiler is a window, which aides in rearward vision.

The side view of the Volt.

A front three-quarter view of the Volt.

A look at the aerodynamic front of the Volt.

The Volt logo, located on the front doors.

The rear view mirrors have a blinker incorporated into them.

The silver button on the handles is the lock/unlock button.

The center console was covered in white plastic, which nobody seemed to like. Black is the other color choice.

A look under the hood of the Volt. Slightly different than your typical car...

The trunk area was fairly large.

The Volt only seats four, thanks to the hump down the center of the car where the battery is.

Overall the average mileage over the week with the Volt was 113.6mpg, with only 3.2 gallons of gas used. The gas was used primarily when the kids had sporting events in the evening after the charge had ran out.


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