February 3rd

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Traverse City, Michigan

Great Wolf Lodge

February 1st through February 3rd, 2013

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 - 18/9°, Snow Shower

    While I set my phone alarm for 6:00am so that we could get moving in time for hockey this morning, but like most things on my phone it didn’t work properly. Thankfully Tara woke up around 6:30am, so we still had time to get Drew up and moving in time to make his 8:00am game.

    Our original plan for this morning was for Tara & I to take Drew to his games while the other three kids stayed behind – hopefully asleep. When Drew was asked to play for the other team, our plan had to change. While we would have had time to come back, get the kids, and load our stuff into the car with only the early morning games, the new schedule didn’t allow us quite enough time to do it all before checkout time. Instead I took Drew to hockey while Tara stayed behind with the others and packed. It wasn’t the ideal situation, but it was what we had to do to fit it all in.

    Drew’s morning games bordered on ugly. His team never really seemed to be focused on the first game – perhaps too much swimming? – and the 11-0 scored was the result. The second game seemed to give the Hurricanes a chance, but about halfway through the opposition turned it on, and by the time it was all done the final score was a 13-0 defeat. After the game Drew’s coaches had a private chat with the players before handing them their medals.

    We didn’t have a lot of time, so Drew took of his upper body pads and his skates so that we could return to the hotel to pack. I parked the car outside the lobby and Drew and I headed upstairs to the room. Tara and the kids had almost everything packed on the luggage carts ready to go, and they took everything down to load into the car while Drew and I stayed in the room. I packed up the last of my items, and once Tara returned to the room we set out keys on the counter and left our room for the last time.

Great Wolf Lodge

A look out our room at the water park area of the hotel.

Drew and Tara making their way down the hallway for the last time.

A look out at the lobby from the third floor.

Story time was provided for the kids with a croc-clad cuddly wolf.

A look at the outside of the hotel.

This bench probably doesn't see much use in the winter!

Another look back at the hotel, this time at the main entrance area.

Another of the hotel wings (this was the opposite side of where our room was located).

    It was time to head back to Centre Ice Arena for Drew’s last two games with the Cyclones. They started out much better, as Drew used his size to his advantage to score two quick goals, staking his team to an early lead in the first game. Those two goals turned out to be the difference in the 5-3 victory, Drew’s first of the jamboree. He was energized throughout both games, skating hard, controlling the puck, and making smart plays with and without the puck in his possession. These were easily his best two games of the tournament! While they lost the second game, it was only by a 4-0 score, so in terms of the typical score of these games it can be considered close.

Centre Ice Arena

Here is Jayden and Samantha making their way to the Centre Ice Arena entrance for the final games.

    After hockey the family indulged my desire to drive to the Mission Point Lighthouse on Old Mission Point (the peninsula dividing Grand Traverse Bay in two). This little side trip took a little longer than I expected, not because the roads were terribly snowy (although they were covered), but because the peninsula is a lot longer than I recalled it being the last time we visited. Perhaps that is due to the low lake levels? Kidding…

    Drew was the only one of the kids willing to join Tara & I for the short trek to the lighthouse from the parking lot – the rest opted to stay in the warm car. We made it to the end of the walk, but opted not to go much further since none of us had on boots or snow pants, and the snow was easily over the tops of our ankles. We left after I was able to take a few pictures (which didn’t turn out as impressively as I had hoped that they would). We made a couple of stops on the way back to Traverse City so that I could take a few more pictures as well.

Old Mission Point

A look out at the west side of Grand Traverse Bay during our drive to the Mission Point Lighthouse.

The trees were snow covered and beautiful here.

The Mission Point Lighthouse.

Another view of the Mission Point Lighthouse.

Drew ventured down into the snow at the bottom of the stairs, but quickly returned once he realized just how deep it really was!

A look out at the bay. It was hard to tell if the expanse in front is indeed frozen or the water is just that far away due to the low lake levels...

...although the assumption is that the low lake levels are the likely culprit for today's view.

Another look out at Grand Traverse Bay from the shore.

A look west at the blowing wind and snow coming in off the water.

This was the view down the road to the light house.

A look out at the bay from the roadway.

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