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December 22nd, 2013              

    During the night of December 21st and into the morning of the 22nd, we were hit with a pretty hard ice storm. While it looked beautiful, it did some pretty major damage to the trees and power lines in our area. We somehow managed to keep power through the early part of the day on the 22nd, but weren't lucky enough to keep it. Sometime during the day (estimating around 2:00pm or so) we lost power, and it didn't return until the evening/night of Thursday, December 26th. My parents also lost power, but they weren't out nearly as long as we were. Since we typically borrow their generator, we were left driving back and forth making sure the houses stayed heated and the sump pumps were emptied. Some of my pictures didn't turn out the greatest, but they give you an idea of what it looked like. The photos on this page were taken on the 22nd of December.

Ice Storm at Home

This is a look at the tree that is in our back yard, just off the deck.

These trees belong to our neighbor to the south.

These are the trees in our front yard.

A closer look at one of our trees.

The trees in the yard across the street.

Looking south down our road...

...and looking north.

    Here are some pictures taken later in the day at my parents house...

Ice Storm at Gary & Terry's

The two trees in their back yard lost quite a few limbs.

A look at the westernmost tree.

Another look at both trees.

A look at the limbs down.

A look at the fence line behind their house.

Another look at the fence line.

The grasses beside the barn were coated in ice as well.

A look down the driveway.

The tree in the center of the driveway circle.

A look at the front of their house.

The trellis was covered in ice as well.

Another ice covered tree.

Another look at the tree from the photo above.

A look at a couple of the trees in the front yard.

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