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May 4th, 2013              

    Jayden's baseball team played in their first game of the year on Holly Little League's Opening Day. There are a ton of players on all of the T-ball teams this season, so the innings take a long time. Like last season, every player gets an at bat, and the final batter gets to circle the bases, so there is no point in keeping score. The important thing is that the kids have fun, and that Jayden did in spades!

Game 1 - at Great Lakes Creative

Jayden swinging for her first hit of the game.

After her teammate got a hit, Jay sprinted to second base...

...although she wasn't too happy to have her picture taken once she got there!

Jay playing in the field.

Another shot of Jayden playing the "outfield."

Jayden batting once again...

...and smiling all the way through.

Jay racing to first base.

Jay about to give her first base coach a high five.

Jay also got a chance to play catcher today.

Another look at Jay behind the plate.


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