Jayden's Field Trip

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May 24th, 2013              

    Jayden's class took their year-ending field trip to Upland Hills Farm. Tara volunteered to go on this trip, since it was a place that she visited when she was a young lady. Overall they both had a good time seeing the various animals and going on a hay ride. Although the weather was a tad chilly today, neither of them let that damper their spirits!

Upland Hills Farm

Jayden smiling on the hay ride.

Another shot of Jay on the hay ride, this time wearing a hat to keep her head warm.

A different look at the covered wagon used for the hay ride.

A goat wandering across an elevated walkway inside the barn.

One of the cows used in the milking demonstration.

Two of the farm workers talking to the kids.

Jay playing outside on the playground. Giddy-up horsey!


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